About the TIP Model®

Merakey is partnering with Behavioral Health Choices of Cambria County (BHoCC) and Magellan Behavioral Health, to provide Blended Case Management (BCM) services specific to transition age youth and young persons through the TIP Model®. TIP is designed to use the supports within the youth and young person’s communities to improve:

  • behavioral and physical healthcare needs,
  • family functioning/independent living,
  • educational and vocational goals,
  • socialization, and
  • future planning

The Transition to Independence Process (TIP) Model® is a youth-driven, strength-based, evidence-supported framework that was developed for working with youth and young persons with emotional/behavioral difficulties (EBD) to improve their real-life outcomes across Transition Domains such as Education, Employment, Career, Housing, and Community Life Functioning.

The TIP Model® focuses on:

  • Engaging youth and young persons in the planning of their futures
  • Providing youth and young persons with developmentally appropriate, non-stigmatizing, culturally competent, and appealing services and supports
  • Involving youth, young persons, their families, and other informal key players in a process that prepares and facilitates them in their movement toward greater self-sufficiency and successful achievement of their goals related to their relevant transition domains

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Cambria County resident
  • Have Magellan Behavioral Health
  • Be between the ages of 16-26
  • Have a diagnosis of a serious and persistent mental illness as defined by meeting the criteria for diagnosis, and a functioning level capable of communicating and participating in planning for the transition to independence.

For more information, download the TIP Model® flyer or contact tip-referrals@merakey.org.

To make a referral, please submit a referral form.