About the program:
The Philadelphia Community Treatment Team Family Rehousing Program at Merakey Parkside Recovery helps adults who have experienced homelessness, due to their addiction to drugs and/or alcohol, return to their family or family of choice. A team of staff members from Merakey works with the individual and family to make sure that everyone understands and supports the goals developed to help in the recovery process.

The team helps the individual reunify with their family by providing:

  • Drug and Alcohol individual and family therapy sessions
  • Education, support, and resources on addiction recovery and different treatments, such as Medication Assisted Treatment
  • Connection to vocation and/or education programs and employment to sustain recovery
  • Home visits, visits to treatment programs, and support at employment or school setting (as appropriate)
  • Referrals to substance use recovery treatment programs and mental health treatment (as appropriate)

The team will continue to support the family after reunification occurs by providing:

  • Household items, utility assistance, and home repairs, as needed
  • Government resources, such as Medicaid and other benefits, if not currently enrolled
  • Assistance in finding meaningful employment through OVR, the Philadelphia Office of Economic Opportunity and other employment programs
  • Linkage to community supports and resources, including but not limited to outpatient treatment, medical care, connection to income, and ongoing education about substance use recovery and evidenced-based treatment

Benefits of the program include:

  • Family reunification
  • Supporting individuals in improving and increasing their income
  • Compliance with treatment of addiction and other behavioral health needs
  • Promoting access to employment for the rest of the family
  • A reduction in relapse, hospitalization, and homelessness

Referral process:
If you know someone who may benefit from our services, please contact the program director by calling (215) 478-5627 or emailing CTTFamRehouPrgm@merakey.org for a referral form.