Lynn Kovich

Vice President of Operations, IDD Services

Years with Merakey

Lynn has over 30 years of experience in direct services work and administration in the nonprofit and government sectors working with individuals who have developmental disabilities, mental illness, and substance use disorders (SUD), as well as those experiencing homelessness. Lynn has been responsible for overseeing the public behavioral health system, in two states, as well as instituting large system changes at both a county and state level.

Lynn began her career with a nonprofit agency, Alternatives, Inc., in New Jersey, specializing in the development of supportive housing for individuals with special needs, including all the populations noted above. She was also able to grow the agency’s revenues through additional state and federal contracts, while also serving as a co-founder and chair of the Supportive Housing Association of New Jersey.

After spending the first 20 years in a non-profit agency, Lynn made the move to government in 2006 serving as the Director of Human Services in Lehigh County, PA. She oversaw the managed behavioral health care system, as well as services for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and the aged and senior population. Lynn oversaw the closure of a state psychiatric hospital, during this time, working with providers to ensure a continuum of care designed to meet the needs of individuals leaving the state hospital and entering the community.

Lynn also served as the Director of Housing for the New Jersey Division of Developmental Disabilities and the Assistant Commissioner for the New Jersey Division of Mental Health and Addiction Services. In both capacities, Lynn oversaw system changes that included moving people to the community, from large institutions, to bring New Jersey into compliance with Olmstead requirements. Lynn served as Deputy Secretary of the Pennsylvania Office of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services where she oversaw the administration of six psychiatric hospitals and one long-term care center, oversaw a managed care behavioral health carve out for all mental health and SUD services, and administered several SAMHSA grants. Additionally, Lynn worked for Inperium, Inc., a parent organization for nonprofit agencies serving individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, mental illness, SUD and those experiencing homelessness, where she ran four different agencies either in fiscal or programmatic distress, turning them around into financially and programmatically stable organizations.