Merakey AVS’s Edward J. Zapp Center celebrated Halloween with a dance, haunted house, cookie decorating, pumpkin decorating, Halloween Bingo, goodie bags and treats.

Edward J. Zapp Center Celebrates Halloween

The Patricia Hillman Miller Campus at Merakey AVS got into the Halloween spirit with a haunted hallway filled with sensory experiences, interactive displays and spooky activities. They all had a ghoulishly good time!

Patricia Hillman Miller Campus Celebrates Halloween

Merakey AVS wraps up another season of baseball with the Miracle League! In Western PA, the beautiful fall weather provided the perfect backdrop for some outdoor fun. Sixty Merakey AVS individuals, volunteers from a local news channel, ECSI Company, and the Moon High School girls’ softball team played a game with the Miracle League each week during the summer.

The Merakey AVS players enjoyed being up at bat and running the bases. There were fly and foul balls, grounders, and a few grand slams. Saturday games began with the “Star-Spangled Banner,” and continued with a “Second” Inning Stretch and the song “Take Me Out to the Ballgame.” The announcer called each player to bat, while the spectators in the stands cheered them on.

Thank you to the players, M/AVS staff, and the volunteers for bringing the energy and excitement to the field!

Another Season of Miracle League Baseball