Posted 12/1/2023

Each year Merakey AVS is honored to be a part of the PVGP’s world-class vintage motorsport festival. This year’s check presentation was held on November 29, where PVGPA board members, sponsors, and volunteers from all over Pittsburgh, including many from Merakey AVS, celebrated the check unveiling. The 2023 festivities raised a generous $275,000 for Merakey AVS and Autism Pittsburgh, bringing the grand total to more than $6.7 million over 41 years. Merakey’s Vice President of IDD Operations Sherri Portnoy, Senior Regional Executive Director Roni Erath and Merakey AVS’s ambassador Kenneth (KK), thanked those attending and spoke about what the PVGPA’s contribution has meant to the many individuals supported by Merakey AVS.

Merakey AVS has been a beneficiary of the PVGP since 1983 and is grateful to its sponsors, donors, volunteers, racers, and other friends for their commitment to the individuals that we support. For more information about the PVGP, visit pvgp.org.

Thank You PVGP Association (December 2023)