Posted 4/9/2024

From April 2 – 9, employees, individuals served, and friends of Merakey across the country brought bowling back after a four-year hiatus. This year’s bowling tournament, hosted by the Merakey Foundation, proved to be a huge success, due to the excitement, camaraderie, and skills exhibited by everyone who participated.

The Merakey Foundation is grateful to all the sponsors, volunteers, and participants of this year’s bowling event. The Foundation is looking forward to future fundraising events that give the Merakey family more opportunities to participate and show their support.

Congratulations to our 2024 Top Overall Fundraising Team, Honorable Mention, and Top Overall Individual Bowler

Top Overall Fundraising Team - Graham’s Pin Pals, sponsored by The Graham Company

Honorable Mention - The Bowling Stones, employee team in Harrisburg, PA

  • Melissa Benedict, Exec. Director of Policy, Procedure and Training
  • Katie Heim, Operations Supervisor, QCO
  • Allison Reiner, Compliance Specialist
  • Lori Schwartz, Compliance Specialist
  • Jodi Savits, Investigation Specialist
  • Niki Ubaldi, Investigation Specialist

Top Overall Individual Bowler - Mike Devitis, Credentialing Specialist. Member of team Splits & Giggles in Philadelphia/East Norriton, PA

The Merakey Foundation also expresses their sincere appreciation to all the Bowling Ambassadors across the country who helped plan and oversee the event at their respective bowling alley.

Tara AndersonReina HudsonAdrian Perron
Jim BattagliaMason KatzmanAmy Rocini
Mark CarilloNeyrchel LudwickTaylor Sandridge
Michelle CozadAbby MillerNora Vongkeo
Kelly GrembaAndrew MikuckiRhonda Wilson

Please enjoy the many photos, videos, and media clips from local news stations that were taken throughout the memorable week.

6ABC (Philadelphia, PA)| ABC27NEWS (Harrisburg, PA) | FOX43 (Harrisburg, PA) | KATC3ABC (Lafayette, LA)| NEWS15 (Lafayette, LA)

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