Posted 12/1/2023

The Wiltshire House at Merakey AVS in Western PA is ready for the holidays!

The Wiltshire House Holiday Decorations (December 2023)

Merakey AVS participants Camillo and Michael visited the Library of Accessible Media for Pennsylvanians in Pittsburgh to explore a Somatosensory “Relating to the Senses” art exhibit. The tactile art show featured 14 different works by local artists. Michael and Camillo explored each piece through touch, while also using headphones to hear a recorded statement from the artist describing the details of their work and meaning behind it. Michael commented his favorite piece was the bear, and Camillo said his favorite was the woman holding the bouquet. LAMP also includes large-print items, braille books, and audio books to provide for those with low vision or total blindness. Both gentlemen expressed that they enjoyed the exhibit.

Relating to the Senses Art Exhibit (December 2023)

The ladies from Ewings Mill at Merakey AVS spent a fun afternoon at the National Aviary in Pittsburgh.

National Aviary in Pittsburgh (December 2023)

On Wednesday, November 29, Slippery Rock Program Instructor Mary Loss and Program Aide Cindy Solman hosted a Black and White party in their area. Everything was black and white, including the food, décor, and attire. Everyone had fun decorating the area for the occasion. A menu of various finger sandwiches, hot chocolate cake, Oreos, and peppermint patties was enjoyed by all. Chocolate milk and white milk were the beverages of choice.

Black and White Party (December 2023)