Posted 11/3/2023

Kathy, Lydia, and Pam from the Barclay home at Merakey AVS painted fall crafts to decorate their home.

Fall Painting Decorations (November 2023)

Merakey AVS Slippery Rock Program Instructor Mary Loos is known for creating spectacular Haunted Houses. Everyone eagerly anticipated what the theme would be for this year’s haunted house. On October 30 and 31, the doors were opened, and the secret revealed…the theme was Spooky Hollow. The staff and individuals worked hard all October to bring their vision to life. Mary’s area was transformed into a spooky forest with winding paths that provided scares at every turn. The ultimate scare was the life-sized Headless Horseman made by the crew. Screams and laughter could be heard throughout the building. Thank you to Mary and the crew for bringing this yearly tradition to life for the individuals.

Spooky Hollow Haunted House (November 2023)

Slippery Rock Program Center had a wonderful Halloween celebration where participants dressed up in festive costumes. There were many spooky activities including Pin the Nose on the Pumpkin, a Witch’s Hat Ring Toss, Eyeball Bullseye, and Poke-a-Pumpkin. The Haunted House was everyone’s favorite activity, so much so that some people went through it several times. The festivities were topped off with delicious Halloween treats.

Halloween Celebration at Slippery Rock (November 2023)

The Merakey IDD Virtual Fall Costume Party held on October 19 was a blast! Individuals, staff members, and families from across the IDD service line came together over Zoom to dance, sing, play games, and dress in their favorite costumes. Thank you to all who joined the party from across Merakey!

Virtual Fall Costume Party (November 2023)

Staff and individuals from Merakey AVS at Verree Road, Philadelphia celebrated Halloween on October 31. Dr. Michael May led the event and provided goodies to everyone who participated. In addition to dressing up in costume, everyone had fun dancing to spooky Halloween-themed music.

Halloween Costume Party (November 2023)

On October 31, the IDD programs in the Capital Region celebrated Halloween by dressing up in costumes for a special trunk or treat in the office parking lot. In addition to the treats-in-trunks, the group enjoyed hot dogs, chips, and drink for lunch while they played some holiday bingo. The weather outside was a little chilly, so the group moved the lunch inside so everyone stayed comfortable. Several staff members decorated their trunks and handed out candy, which was a lot of fun. There were prizes for different categories of costumes: the funniest went to the angry bird costume, the cutest to the Grinch, the scariest to Freddy Kruger, the most original to the piece of jelly toast, and the best overall went to the rooster. Overall, it was a fun, spooky good day!

Halloween Trunk or Treat (November 2023)

The 2nd Annual Harvest Candy Bus Sale was a sweet success. Merakey program participant Keith worked hard making pictures to decorate the bus. He was quite the salesman, selling heaps of candy to his friends and raising approximately $600 towards Campus and Program activities and community outings. Several individuals dressed up in costumes and went outside to enjoy the sunshine, fresh air, and festivities.

Participants in Hatboro, PA all looked great in their costumes as they gathered for their Halloween Mash event.

Halloween Mash (November 2023)