Posted 10/27/2023

Program Instructor Megan Kober and her Aide Christie Laderer are getting into the Halloween spirit at Merakey AVS Slippery Rock Program Center. After taking a vote, the individuals decided to make pumpkin crafts to decorate their area. Everyone had so much fun creating pumpkins and giving each one a personal design.

Crafting Personal Pumpkins (October 2023)

Merakey program participants Dennis and Frank had a ton of fun painting pumpkins for Halloween.

Program participant Genevieve and Merakey AVS Nolte House Manager Susan White had a blast during a recent trip to Hopewell Windmill Spooky Mini Golf.

Hopewell Windmill Spooky Mini Golf (October 2023)

The guys from Merakey AVS Windy Ghoul home had a ghoulish good time at Kennywood’s Phantom Fall Fest!

Kennywood’s Phantom Fall Fest (October 2023)

Merakey’s Life Sharing team enjoyed meeting together at the 2023 PA Life Sharing conference on October 23 and 24. It was the first time many of them met face to face.

Pictured from left to right – John Allen, Thadayo Ogunda, Judy Jones, Rochelle Johnson, Nicole Smith, Ian Legeion, Nadine Williams, Tracy Perry, Danelle Sunseri, Brooks Knight

Groups from Merakey AVS in Western PA have been celebrating Halloween at local parties. Congratulations to Kevin from Great Oaks for placing first in the costume contest at the Time of Your Life Dance!

Celebrating Halloween (October 2023)

On Tuesday, October 24, Slippery Rock Program Instructor Megan Kober and her Aide Christie Laderer took their area bowling at Coffaro’s in Slippery Rock. Everyone had a great time figuring out which bowling balls to use and trying to knock down pins. Some folks even got strikes! Most importantly, everyone had fun spending time together.

Bowling at Coffaro’s in Slippery Rock (October 2023)

On Wednesday, October 25, all the ghosts, goblins, and other spooky folks in the Slippery Rock area came to the Halloween Dinner Dance hosted by Harmony Road’s House Manager, Jamie Surrena. Jamie had fond memories of all the dinner dances of years past and wanted to resurrect the tradition. Everyone enjoyed a delicious pasta dinner followed by lots of dancing and a costume contest. The evening was so much fun and a definite success. Thank you so much, Jamie!

Halloween Dinner Dance Party (October 2023)

The Pittsburgh Campus Fall Festival Derby had individuals and staff building their own cardboard derby cars to fit over their wheelchairs. Each creative car participated in a derby race with their peers, with a race announcer adding to the atmosphere. The special day also included a petting zoo, games, prizes, and a pie-in-the-face game. Music played throughout the event which kept everyone dancing and laughing all day. Staff races were held, which had many of the individuals filled with laughter. Prizes will be awarded in the coming weeks for the derby car designs.

“There was a lot of laughter and happiness – it was wonderful to see everyone out together,” commented Assistant Program Director and event organizer Linda Adkins. “All of the staff from program and residential were great. It was most definitely a success.”

Pittsburgh Campus Fall Festival Derby (October 2023)