Posted 3/29/2024

Merakey AVS individual Louis from Slippery Rock Program Center took on a special task for the upcoming holiday - he baked and helped decorate a cake for the Easter Party. He was so proud of his work and can’t wait for everyone to enjoy his creation. Great job, Louis!

On March 28, Program Aide Christie Laderer brought special guests to Slippery Rock Program Center - baby chicks! The area had recently been learning about the life cycle of various animals. With Easter approaching, the individuals have been studying eggs and animals that are hatched from eggs. Everyone was so excited to see the baby chicks. They also liked gently petting them or holding them carefully. They were amazed at how light and soft the baby chicks were. It was a great activity and hands-on experience for everyone.

Holding Baby Chicks (March 2024)

Megan and Michael from Merakey AVS Maratta home took a special trip with House Manager Amber Wilson and Occupational Therapist Lori Zulka. They spent an amazing vacation at the happiest place on earth, Disney World in Orlando, Florida! They visited all four Disney theme parks and enjoyed shows, parades, lots of yummy food and snacks, and a beautiful stay at the Contemporary Resort. Michael’s favorite ride was the Tower of Terror, and Megan said everything she went on was her favorite. Megan’s birthday was the day before they left so she wore a Happy Birthday button for the whole trip and received lots of special greetings and treats. Everyone had a fantastic vacation!

Orlando Disney World Trip (March 2024)

Slippery Rock Program Aide Emily Patton recently took a small group of individuals to the Heinz History Museum in Pittsburgh, PA. The group saw many interesting things and enjoyed posing near the big bottle of Heinz ketchup. Most were thrilled to see the displays of their favorite team, the Pittsburgh Steelers. The only regret they had was that they were not able to see everything in just one trip. They have more floors they want to explore and plan to return soon.

Heinz History Museum in Pittsburgh (March 2024)