Posted 4/5/2024

Astrid has had an amazing career that started back at the Pennhurst institution in Spring City, PA as a social work intern in the 1970s. She worked at Woodhaven Center in Philadelphia when it was operated by Temple University from 1977 until joining Northwestern Human Services (Merakey’s former name) as a Marion homes Intermediate Care Facility-ID Director in 1992. By 1995, Astrid was firmly entrenched in NHS as the Director of Development for ID services where she cultivated programs in nine different Pennsylvania counties and locations from Delaware to Allegheny.

By 1998, she was a Regional Director of Services in PA, MD, NY, and LA with a $25-million budget as she developed training and services while assisting in mergers and acquisitions across PA. From 2015 until her semi-retirement in 2018, Astrid served as the Senior Executive Director of Clinical Services for PA, NY, NJ, DE, and VA. During this time, she developed and supported the Dual Diagnoses Treatment Teams and initiated Trauma informed Care (TIC) for the IDD Division. The IDD Clinical Team is very happy to maintain this legend on a part-time basis. In conjunction with spending time with her grandchildren, she continues to train staff, conduct research, and provideexpert case consultation to Merakey and NADD.

Well done, Astrid!