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RentACoop, a chicken coop rental business that provides high quality products for chickens and other birds, recently gave the individuals at Merakey AVS at the Verree Road Campus in Philadelphia an “egg-citing” opportunity to use their fine and gross motor skills! Through a hands-on chicken rental and egg hatching experience, the individuals were excited to nurture and love chickens and to have an appreciation for nature’s wonders.

The turnkey chicken rental program provided the eggs from a farm, along with all the supplies needed to keep them safe and comfortable during the incubation period. Sensory play was appreciated via visual, auditory, and tactile stimulation. The individuals saw the variety of brilliant colors, such as yellow, brown, and black, heard the rhythmic chirping, and felt the fuzzy down feathers when holding the eggs and chicks. It was an amazing “egg-sperience” for the entire campus!

An Egg-citing Opportunity at Merakey AVS in Philadelphia