What is Life Sharing?

Families open their homes and hearts to a person with intellectual disabilities and/or autism by providing an ongoing sense of belonging with a place to live as well as day-to-day support. The program is recognized for being as much about close personal relationships as it is about having a place to live. It offers persons involved with a continuous, family-oriented style of care known for high satisfaction rates.

Life Sharing families meet the physical, medical, emotional, and social needs of the people being served. They provide an environment that supports full access to and integration within the community, including activities, events, employment, volunteering and more. Life Sharing families encourage the person to have goals, dream dreams, make plans and live an everyday life. This service can be utilized long-term or as a stepping stone towards independent living.

Who May Apply?

Merakey is looking for families of every type, including single adults, couples, and family units to become Life Sharing providers. Biological families may also be eligible for the program. Once you become a Life Sharing provider, you will be actively involved in the person’s life, providing support based on the person’s specific plans as well as being a member of the person’s team to help develop their plans. Providers contract with Merakey and receive a tax-exempt daily stipend based on the person’s support needs to cover services provided and room/board.


Frequently Asked Questions