Success Stories

Merakey celebrates the successes of all individuals in our care, including the stories below. These are the remarkable stories of individuals who do not allow their diagnosis to define who they are. They are the stories of people working hard every day to make a difference in their programs and in our communities.

SOLOMON: Behavioral Health Services, Fresh Start

Solomon-success story
“The animals rely on me to do my job well.”

Solomon served his country in Vietnam in the late 1960s, earning a Bronze Star, but it took a heavy toll on him. Trained by the Army in electronics, computer, and radio repair, he was unable to transition those skills when he returned stateside. After a number of unsuccessful experiences with the National Guard and a series of “odd jobs,” he started to selfmedicate in an attempt to “get it all together.” Read more...

RENEE: Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Services

Renee-success story
“We needed to find something for her that would make her happy.”

Renee loves to get her hair and nails done. A trip to the salon is just one of many things that have come to symbolize her newfound freedom and independence, but the most important one is her job as an administrative assistant at Merakey. Read more...

LISA: Education and Autism Services

Lisa-success story
“Everybody wants to be me!”

Lisa, 19, has blossomed beyond everyone’s expectations, including her own. Throughout her middle and high school years, she was bullied so badly she was almost killed when verbal taunts turned physical. She has struggled with depression, run away from home, been easily influenced by others and generally negative towards her life and other people. Read more...

CAROLINA & MATTHEW: Behavioral Health Services

Carolina - success storyMatthew & Carolina - success story
“Poverty has a stranglehold on Newburgh.”

Sixty miles north of Manhattan, Newburgh, NY, is ranked as the 10th most dangerous place to live in the U.S. Until recently, this small town of 29,000 residents was the murder capital of New York. Decades of economic decline, high unemployment, violent crime, and urban neglect have significantly depressed this once vibrant community on the Hudson River, leaving its residents in despair and its youth with little confidence for the future. Read more...