The New Connections Team supports adults 18 and older who are diagnosed with both behavioral and physical health challenges. The team coordinates services and treatment options for individuals who live in a nursing home but wish to live in the community, those who are at risk of being admitted to a nursing home, or those who consent to live in a nursing home and need additional support. The Nursing Home Transition and Diversion Program offers a holistic approach to treatment, by way of a Licensed Professional Counselor, Mental Health Professional, Registered Nurse, Certified Peer Specialist, and Certified Registered Nurse Practitioner.

Core Beliefs

Merakey believes that every individual’s care plan should be tailored to meet their needs so that they are comfortable and satisfied with their services. Merakey provides a variety of Evidence-Based Treatments and Therapies, or services that have proven effective for adults in the community and those living in nursing facilities. Therapies that may be used, but are not limited to: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Social Support, Motivational Interviewing, Problem-Solving Therapy, and Reminiscence and Life Review. Merakey encourages families and natural supports to be involved in their loved one’s care as much as possible.

Referrals to the Program

Nursing home clinically eligible individuals enrolled with Community Health Choices and identified as at-risk for managing the impact of their behavioral and physical health needs can be referred for Nursing Home Transition and Diversion services. Download a referral form (available below), complete it, and email it to NHTDmailbox@merakey.org or fax it to 412-244-9391.

Download Referral Form


To learn more about the program, please contact us.