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October 10, 2018

Cambrian Hills CAB Gives Back to Their Community

On September 21, the Cambrian Hills Consumer Advisory Board (CAB) volunteered to paint areas of the Canoe Creek State Park to help give back to their community. Many individuals from Merakey enjoy this beautiful state park. Everyone laughed, made connections with park rangers, and really enjoyed giving back to their community.

October 10, 2018

Merakey Hosts 5th Annual Community Health Fair in Delaware County

The 5th Annual Community Health Fair at Merakey Delaware County, held on October 3, included free health screenings, healthy foods, and more than 45 vendors that provided literature on positive lifestyle tips, resources, and giveaway items to attendees. There was also a yoga instructor, a massage therapist, and fun fall-themed activities for kids. Life Tree Pharmacy provided free flu shots to guests. The Sharon Hill facility provides an integrated care model, where individuals have the ability to see a primary care physician, a psychiatrist and a therapist in one location. CEO Joe Martz and COO Ted Dallas welcomed those in attendance and introduced Donald Cave, Community Constituent Services Liaison for PA State Senator Anthony H. Williams, and Kiesha Brown, Quality Improvement and Insurance for Office of Behavioral Health for Delaware County. Donald Cave reminded attendees the importance of behavioral health services for the community.

Special thanks to Chante Smith-Roberson, Sharon White, Ann Brown, and all the staff at Merakey Delaware County who helped facilitate the fair and to the vendors for their participation!

October 10, 2018

National Disability Employment Awareness Month #NDEAM

This week, the Employment First Committee at Merakey is sharing individuals’ personal stories, along with stories from other people with disabilities who have and continue to make valuable contributions to the world.

Chris' Story

Chris has been working at Pardee’s Route 240 Restaurant in Cherry Tree Pennsylvania for the past eight years. Chris is a valued member of the team at Pardee’s and he has a range of job responsibilities. In the winter months, Chris ensures the patrons remain safe by shoveling snow and putting salt at the entrance of the building.

Chris truly loves his job stating, “Everybody there is nice to me and I really like my boss and her husband”. Over the years, Chris has maintained a great rapport with the patrons of the restaurant, especially the morning coffee drinkers. On the days Chris isn’t working, he enjoys sitting with the coffee drinkers and conversing about hunting and fishing.

When asked about his dream job Chris responded, “I want to open my own business working on small engines”. With the help of his support team, Chris is in the initial stages of starting up his own business with great vision for his future. He hopes to have his own small business up and running by April 2019.

Employment First Works Employment First Works

James' Story

Employment First Works

The Golden Arches of McDonald’s are a common sight in most towns and cities. McDonald’s offers the convenience of fast food to those with busy lifestyles, and in Slippery Rock, a place to hang out between classes. Many people would not find the McDonald’s in Slippery Rock much different from any other McDonald’s. There is the same aroma of frying meat; the same sound of French fries sizzling and bubbling in hot grease; the same long lines of customers waiting to fill their bellies. However, to James, the McDonald’s in Slippery Rock is special. This McDonald’s offers James freedom, possibility, and purpose.

James has worked at the McDonald’s in Slippery Rock for almost three years. He started by working two days a week as a dishwasher, but through his initiative and hard work, he earned a promotion to Maintenance Manager, which included a raise. In addition to washing dishes, James now helps unload the delivery trucks, mops the floors, cleans tables, and delivers food to cars when the drive-thru is busy.

Employment First WorksBrian Dickens, James’s supervisor said, “James has good attention to detail”. James may be busy with his job duties, but he will take the time to exchange a quick greeting with familiar customers or friends before he returns to his tasks.

James saves the money he earns, so he can go on vacation to places like Disney World and Universal Studios. Capitalizing on his skill for detail and using his earnings from work for supplies, James draws intricate worlds and creatures. Some pieces of his artwork have been displayed and auctioned off for charity. He gives other pieces to his friends. “I like getting a paycheck, so I can get things that I want,“ James explained. “I can keep making my art and go to really cool places.”

Currently, James works from 9 AM- 2 PM, four days a week. He is satisfied with the job he does and the freedom employment brings.

We have to hustle,” James said, “But that’s ok, because I like to be busy.” According to James, “Everyone is super friendly here, kind of like family."

October 10, 2018

MLTSS Community Outreach at Meadow Heights

The Merakey Managed Long Term Support Services team enjoyed spending time with the residents at Meadow Heights Senior Living Center in Uniontown, PA on September 28. They played bingo and won some great prizes. Merakey staff spent time talking with and learning about the residents. Merakey is privileged to be able to serve some of the residents living in Meadow Heights. They also shared, with other residents, the MLTSS services that Merakey has available.

October 10, 2018

Merakey Montgomery County Launches School-Based Therapy Program

New School-Based Outpatient Therapy Program! Merakey Montgomery County is happy to announce its new school-based outpatient therapy program!

Currently in North Penn School District, about to launch in Hatboro-Horsham, this program provides mental health outpatient services to students in need directly in the school setting.

As part of the program launch, therapist Etyia Faison participated in North Penn's back to school night. She had the opportunity to talk to parents, students, and school personnel about how Merakey can help.

October 10, 2018

Merakey CPS Program Joins with Jeeps Against Suicide

On September 22, the Merakey Certified Peer Specialist Program at Schuylkill Mountain Center in Pottsville, PA joined with Jeeps vs. Suicide. Merakey, along with other community programs, "Raised their Hands for Suicide Awareness". Individuals and even pets were able to participate in an art project, where individuals placed the imprint of their hand on a board for Suicide Awareness. Lori Adams, CPS, and Jennifer Kramer, ABH Services Director, manned the stand and got a little dirty to bring the word to others about services offered and the effects of Suicide to the individuals and their communities. There were over 25 models of Jeeps from various eras "Riding against Suicide"! The community support was impressive, and the word reached over 100 people. The program will continue to educate the community by participating in the event next year.

Jeeps Against Suicide
Jeeps Against Suicide
Jeeps Against Suicide