Meet the Leadership Team

Executive Team

Joseph S. Martz, Chief Executive Officer

Ted Dallas, President and COO

Derrick Yacovelli, Chief Financial Officer

Leah Pason, Chief Strategy Officer

Jill Garfinkle Weitz, Esq., General Counsel

Tom Morgan, Chief Information Officer

Brandon Fisher, Senior Vice President of Quality and Compliance and Chief Compliance Officer

Michael Barton, Executive Vice President and Managing Director, Behavioral Health Services

Terrence McNelis, Executive Vice President and Managing Director, IDD Services

Rebecca Haley, Senior Vice President of Human Resources

Trish Pisauro, Corporate Vice President of Marketing and Communications

Trish Fawver, Corporate Vice President of Finance

Simon Whang, Corporate Vice President and Controller

Rich Yanoski, Corporate Vice President of Business Development

Rebecca Mann, Vice President of Operations, Education and Autism Services

Malcolm Musgrove, Vice President of Children’s Services

Betty Boyd, Vice President of Program Operations and Development, IDD Services

Sherri Portnoy, Vice President of Administrative and Professional Services, IDD Services

Suzanne Campbell, Vice President for Administration, Behavioral Health Services

Tinnesia Snyder, Vice President of Managed Long-Term Support Services, Behavioral Health Services

Board of Directors

Robert N.C. Nix III, Esquire, Chairman, Merakey
President, Pleasant News, Inc.

Joseph S. Martz, Chief Executive Officer, Merakey

Howard Brownstein, President and Chief Executive Officer, The Brownstein Corporation

John J. Egan, Jr., Chairman, Egan Associates, LLC

Tami Fratis, Chief Executive Officer, IPR International

Philip E. Hughes, Jr., CPA, Vice Chairman, Keystone Industries

Carol J. Johnson, Independent Director

Maria Frizelle Roberts, Owner, MFR Consultants

Gregory S. Rost, Senior Vice President and Chief of Staff, University of Pennsylvania

Thomas Saporito, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, RHR International

Diane Sterthous, Venture Capital Advisor, PA Department of Community and Economic Development

David A. Volpe, CFA Managing Director, Emerald Advisors and Consultants, Inc.

The Honorable Kelly C. Wall, Judge, Montgomery County Court of Common Pleas

The Honorable M. Joseph Rocks, Chairman Emeritus