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The management team at Merakey on Verree Road and RWDSU Local 108 are working together to maintain the daily care of 83 individuals living together as a family.

The Union Delegates Leonard Hayes, Peace Thank-God and Camille Yelverton, along with the Local 108 President, Charles Hall, acknowledged the Direct Support Professionals on May 8 with coffee, donuts, and lunch served on all three shifts.

Camille Yelverton commented, “a special thanks to the supervisors and managers for hanging in there with us”. Administration at the Verree Road location placed a large 16’ wide and 2’ high sign acknowledging the heroes working at 9990 Verree Road. The Local 108 contributions made to our “Heroes” further demonstrates our joint labor-management partnership. Joseph Sellers, assistant executive director, has been working directly with the management team and Local 108 members to ensure the safety and well-being of both the individuals residing at Verree Road and the staff working there. “I have a great team and I could not be more proud to work alongside of such dedicated staff”, commented Joseph. Teamwork is essential in a time of turmoil and changes.