Posted 05/03/21

It started out as a DREAM... and with an open heart, open mind and open will, Floyd’s dream has come true.

To jumpstart this journey, Floyd participated in a Person-Centered Planning session in 2019, and his dream of owning a dog began to transform over the next two years.

Over that time, Floyd and his team reached out to many organizations, and with the help of Staff Development Executive Carol Erzen, Canine Service Pals (CSP) was discovered. CSP and Floyd worked extremely well together. But, of course, the pandemic presented them with many obstacles as many of the practices and trainings for Service Dogs needed to change to comply with required safety protocols. Floyd along with his House Manager, Diane Sollinger, and all of the staff at his home, attended weekly individualized trainings with service dog Popcorn over the course of four months. On April 11, Floyd officially welcomed Popcorn home!

Thank you to the many people who helped to make Floyd’s dream come true. From the administration for keeping an open mind and open heart during this process, to Floyd’s family for their support, and to Floyd’s House Manager Diane Sollinger and her staff for all of their efforts. This is truly a dream come true!