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Posted 02/08/21

It is a rare and beautiful thing when you have a team that works together so succinctly and so honestly for the success and autonomous fostering of students that would possibly fall through the cracks in any other education program. Shantay Delong, Amelia Chapman, Miles Campbell, Monica Strickland, and Alex Gillen are staff in room 6 of Merakey Autism Center in Carlisle, PA. They have been there for every Zoom, every virtual meeting, doing breakout sessions with the students, discussing the best course of action for their academic and behavioral success. They come early and stay late. They build relationships with the students and create appropriate boundaries. They are a team that have become these students' support system. When the students have a win-they feel they have a win. When the students take a step back, they sit for hours discussing how they could have done better. To call them a TEAM seems trite, because they are so… much… more.

– Lauren Mercado, Lead Teacher