Understanding the shortage of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) throughout the country, Merakey vendors have come through in a big way and recently donated PPE so that Merakey employees can continue providing critical and essential services.

Thank you to the following vendors/community supporters:

  • Ford for their donation of 3,000 face shields
  • Safeguard by Innovative for their donation of 2,500 KN95 masks
  • Philadelphia Fire Department, the PA Office of Developmental Programs, and Delta-T for their donations of face masks
  • Home Depot recently donated more than 4,000 N95 masks to the Woodhaven campus.

Merakey is grateful to all our vendors, community supporters, and Merakey staff members for their very generous and much needed contributions. Their support throughout the years, and especially during the past few months has been incredible.

Thank YOU!