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Posted 02/08/21

To support and sustain staff morale, Lisa Quintana, director of the Merakey Philadelphia Blended Case Management and Permanent Supported Housing programs led two separate Zoom virtual team building events on December 22, 2020 and January 23, 2021. These events not only focused on awareness of values and compassion but assisted the teams with some quality time to interact with their peers.

Staff members were given 10-minutes to complete a canvas painting exercise to depict their happy place and then shared them with all. Everyone soon realized that the beach and sand seemed to be something that many shared in common. They were also given 8-minutes to use clay to mold a free form shape that depicted free imagination. After the projects were completed, members described them to the group and were able to admire and share some much-needed laughs.

This time of COVID has been rough for all, but the Philadelphia Community Based Programs were able to take some much-needed time to interact with their peers and share some new found feelings and values that this trying time has taught them.

Great job PSH and Case Management!