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Meet Marsha Podsiadly, a Recruiter at the Coraopolis, PA location. When asked what she loves most about working at Merakey, she shares:

"I have spent many of the last 21 at years at Merakey working directly with our IDD individuals and have been able to build relationships that I will cherish forever. From working in the group homes to now seeing them in passing when at the office, I find so much joy in sharing in even the smallest of interactions, whether it be conversations about their day or even a quick hello just to make them smile. The individuals we serve are the reason we are all here. Finding the right staff to make a positive difference in their lives is my top priority, however these individuals have made a difference in my life, and for that I will always be grateful and proud to work for Merakey."

Lindsey Schmidt has had various roles during her six years at Merakey, including DSP, AA and now as a Talent Acquisition Staffing Partner in Harrisburg, PA. When asked what she loves about Merakey, Lindsey states:

"What I love most about Merakey is that we are a family. My mother was a live-in house manager when I was born so I was brought directly from the hospital into one of the group homes in Beaver, PA. I grew up surrounded by so much love from the individuals and the staff. I remember playing school with one of the individuals in the home as they were helping me develop without even knowing it. After growing up in this amazing environment with such impactful people, I never wanted to lose that part of my life. I became a Direct Support Professional as soon as I turned 18 to help the individuals that I truly cared for. I later became an Administrative Assistant and now I am a Recruiter for Merakey finding us the best of the best to care for our individuals. I will always look at Merakey as a puzzle piece in my life."

Erin Burnette, Program Director of Merakey Autism Center in Dearborn, Michigan, has been with Merakey for four years and proudly shares her story from the heart:

"What I love most about working for Merakey is the sense of community and support among our teams. From executive leadership to front line workers, it is clear we are all in this together working toward one common goal. Although COVID-19 has continued to wreak havoc over the U.S., it has brought to light the continued compassion and dedication of our Michigan team. We have persevered and continued to provide quality telehealth services to assist our participants in reaching their fullest potential. It is my absolute honor to continue to lead my team through this uncertainty and beyond. I always have and will continue to be proud to be part of the Merakey family!"