Eight year old Annabella (Bella), is a brownie with the Lewistown Girl Scout Troop #40374. Bella has been with the troop for two years and absolutely loves it! As the troop does every year, they ordered cases of everyone’s favorite Girl Scout cookies to sell around town. However, due to the pandemic this year, the cookies couldn’t be sold as usual. Bella and her mom, Staci, sat down together to discuss another way to sell the cookies. Bella thought about the number of cookies that the local police officers normally buy, so she decided to collect donations to purchase cookies for them as they were providing essential services during this difficult time. Staci took to social media and asked for help with her daughter’s plan, and before they knew it, the donations started flowing in and the cookies started rolling out. What started with giving cookies to the police officers quickly grew to over 200 hundred boxes donated to local businesses and essential workers around the area! Cookies were donated to multiple police stations, ambulance companies, fire departments, grocery stores, radio stations, the local newspaper, the post office, trucking companies, small businesses, car dealerships, and the Merakey site where Bella receives services.

As a result of this special experience, Bella also improved her relationship with her older brother Alexander, because he helped her with the donations. For her incredible efforts, the police officers gave her a teddy bear and an honorary police badge, and the local newspaper featured Bella’s kindness in an article. ​​​​​​​

Bella said that it was “pretty cool” to be famous, but that isn’t what she wanted out of this. All she wanted was to be kind! Bella hopes that she can continue to receive donations so that she can give cookies out to all the essential workers who are doing what they can for the community.

Thank you, Bella, for supporting essential workers and for being a Merakey Superhero!