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Director of Program Supports in the IDD Division Robyn Cheskiewicz shares her message to Direct Support Professionals throughout Merakey:

β€œTo our staff, our heroes - We know it takes a lot for you to go into work each day. It may be a struggle to understand why you are considered ESSENTIAL. You might not see it, but you are the definition of ESSENTIAL. Just showing up each day has a lasting impact on the individuals and families, and that has made you invaluable team members. Nothing goes further than just being there.

We are very proud of each of you, and to be honest, jealous. The companionship, support and compassion you show each day is what it will take to weather this storm. You are our true HEROES, now more than ever, critical to the success of Merakey and what we envision when we hear ESSENTIAL!

Stay strong, stay healthy and know that we are very proud that you are the staff supporting the individuals we call our family.”