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Posted 08/27/21

Congratulations to Merakey employees Rebecca Mitchell, Mary Frances “Fran” Moog, and Erica Fletcher for successfully earning their certifications after completing the NADD-DSP Training Program. Fran started working at Merakey in 2013 as a Program Specialist, while also providing direct supports in a few homes, and in 2015, she became a Staff Development Facilitator. The IDD Clinical Team is delighted to have her and Rebecca provide training on the certification, now that they have direct experience with the process.

Erica Fletcher is a true example of why Merakey started this training program. Erica started as a Direct Support Professional 23 years ago! She was promoted several times during her career, including Employment Specialist, House manager, Day Program Director, and now Program Coordinator for our IDD programs in Marlton, New Jersey. We hope her experiences and NADD-DSP Certification inspires other DSPs to pursue similar opportunities to advance their career and professional development.

Thank you to Staff Development Facilitators Marie Pawlowski and Barry Williams, who worked closely with the IDD Clinical Team in developing the NADD-DSP five training modules and presentations, which are held virtually via Zoom. Their delivery of the train-the-trainer series has a 100% pass rate!

Congratulations, to all!

Barry Williams and Marie Pawlowski

Erica Fletcher and Mary Frances Moog