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Posted 04/23/21

At Merakey AVS’s Pittsburgh Campus, positive messages and quotes have been placed on a sandwich board for employees to read as they pull into the campus.

“I wanted to thank the staff that have been posting the messages on the outdoor sandwich board sign that you see as you drive onto Pittsburgh Campus,” commented Staff Development Facilitator Christine Lorah. “The pandemic has been a difficult time for everyone and there have been many days when it has been a challenge to stay positive. We have been through a year of not seeing our families, friends, and doing some of the things we enjoy. This year has also proven that during trying times a small act can make a big difference. One thing that always brightens my day and would bring a smile to a new team member’s face during a tour, would be the sandwich board. There is always an inspiring quote or a note of thanks to the dedicated and hardworking team members who have and continue to uphold the Merakey purpose by putting their heart and soul into providing exceptional care during the pandemic. One quote that stood out to me was ‘You’re worth more than you can ever measure.’ I hope this thought resounds in every member of the Merakey team. Thank you, again, to all those involved in this effort. You make a difference!”

A big thank you to the following employees who have been placing the messages on the sign:

Laurie Swift, Asst. Health Services Supervisor

Diane Gulish, Receptionist

Heidi Souza, Administrative Assistant