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Azeem Hopkins-Bey has been a dedicated Merakey IDD Philadelphia Direct Support Professional since 2003. Azeem has worked in the same home throughout his Merakey career and has provided critical continuity of care to two gentlemen. Azeem has assisted both Benjamin and Bryant to live more independent lives. Prior to COVID-19, Azeem would regularly enjoy community activities with Ben and Bryant, encouraging them to engage positively with community members.

Azeem recently shared his philosophy with management: "I personally believe that a society is judged by how we treat those that are marginalized. The people we serve are equal citizens with rights, and they deserve to be honored. When I am out with my guys, I know I have done my job when people think we are either brothers or friends, not clients. It is a blessing to be a part of the positive change going on right now at Merakey, in Philadelphia, and in the country."

Thank you, Azeem, for being a Merakey superhero!