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On October 9, staff at Merakey Parkside Recovery in Philadelphia wore orange in support of Bullying Awareness Month.

Merakey Parkside Recovery recognizes that bullying is a national issue and with the rise of social media platforms, bullies are more easily able to reach and target their victims. Survivors of bullying often deal with long-term mental health problems such as depression, social anxiety, and lower self-esteem. According to the CDC, bully victims are 2 to 9 times more likely to consider suicide than those not being bullied. #stompoutbullying

Pictured: Marina Bukhardt, Charles Curry, Tyrone Frazier, Jennifer Frost, Lori Gabert, Angela Gilmore, Dave Malloy, Tamika Nared, Imani Shaw, Cassie Wolfe​​​​​​​