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The residents and staff of IDD Philadelphia’s Worthington 20 home are making the best of current safety restrictions due to the pandemic. Every week this summer, they have enjoyed an outdoor BBQ. Direct Support Professional Sharbrea Ealey is known for her delicious grilled chicken. While enjoying the nice weather and good food, residents Holly and Onyai also enjoy making friendship bracelets and playing Uno. DSP Rasheedah Foster has been a consistent comfort to them on the first shift as they miss attending Merakey’s Philadelphia day programs.

When asked about her dedication and positive attitude during a pandemic, Sharbrea shared, “I like helping the individuals have a better quality of life. Everyone has such different personalities, and I am drawn to them. I have learned a lot about IDD with Merakey. Merakey has taught me a lot about how to take good care of people.”

When asked the same question, Rasheedah responded, “I like Merakey because I learn more skills every day. I use Avatar and am learning from it. I learn from the consumers every day, too. Watching them grow is the best. When I started working, Onyai spoke much less than she does now, one year later. That makes me feel like I am making a difference; I have something to do with her growth.”

Thank you, Sharbrea and Rasheedah, for being Merakey HEROES!