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Posted 02/12/21

Merakey Fresh Start celebrated the Super Bowl last weekend by having a friendly “block pool”, in an effort to win exciting prizes! Congratulations to staff Jaime Lopez who won three out of four quarters and received Wawa gift cards, Zulma Perez who won the other quarter and received a Wawa gift card, and Audrey Manson who won a pretzel tray and pizza party!

Prizes were also awarded to residents in the following programs:

  • 1st quarter: Donuts/Pastries – Fresh Start Women’s Transitional Program
  • 2nd Quarter: Ice Cream Party – Fresh Start Men’s Transitional Program
  • 3rd quarter: Soft Pretzels/Pretzel Trays – Women’s Office of Addiction Services Program
  • 4th quarter: Pizza Party - Women’s Office of Addiction Services Program