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Posted 02/08/21

You may have seen advertisements for Merakey’s screen print shop, Gateway Ink (order your shirts, masks and koozies today at, and wondered why this program exists in a human services company.

The shop, located in Baton Rouge Louisiana is part of a group of programs which are designed to train young adults with special needs to live independent and fulfilled lives. Maggie Giles leads skill development programming designed to create a unique pathway for independence for our clients through our Independence Coaching and Pre Ets programming. Rachel Schexnayder manages Gateway Ink and ensures that the skills identified by the transition plans are implemented as clients work in the shop. Jennifer Dbenedetto and Brittany Bausch work individually with the clients to teach the skills and provide the support necessary for success.

In addition, this team is working with other programs to standardize and grow our transition services throughout Merakey.