Jeanette first became a foster parent with Merakey in November 2006. When asked why she became involved, Jeanette shared, “I was in foster care and wanted to give back what was given to me.” She considered herself blessed when Al entered her life. They married and took a few years off from foster care, enjoying extra time for visiting family members out of the area. They returned to being foster parents in 2012.

When asked what they enjoy about being foster parents, they shared that it is rewarding to reconnect with past placements. Jeanette said she often feels like the kids are not listening to what she is saying, but then observes them doing things she has taught them, which brings a smile to her face. “A majority of them are truly listening and are teachable of everyday life tasks,” states Jeanette. They have had over 26 youth placed in their home and have helped with over 20 respites during their time with Merakey.

Thank you, Jeanette and Al, for your commitment to children and adolescents in foster care! To learn more about Merakey’s Foster Care program, please contact 1-877-832-2210 or send a message via the Merakey Foster Care page.