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Posted 10/09/2020

Recently, during mealtime at the Avalon Woods home in Virginia Beach, VA, Program Manager Doris Brooks noticed that a resident, Michael, began to cough and his face changed colors. Even though she felt anxious, Doris knew what to do from her training and immediately started implementing life-saving skills to clear Michael's obstructed airway. 911 was called and paramedics gave Michael a passing evaluation, thanks to Doris’s quick intervention.

After following up with Michael’s primary care physician, Doris received a letter of commendation from the doctor, stating "by Doris’s outstanding service in an emergency situation, she is to be credited with saving one of my patient's life! I commend her for a job well done."

The entire Virginia IDD Team is proud of and thankful for Doris's quick actions to respond to this emergent situation. Way to go, Doris!