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Posted 12/31/20

There are many people at Merakey who embody the core values of our company. However, there are few who successfully and thoroughly represent them all. Senior Executive Director in the IDD Division Paula Nerone expresses her thoughts on Dr. Michael May:

“Dr. Michael May has not been told or asked how to carry out his duties or all of the other extra special things he does. He jumps into action quietly and immediately without a word or a need for acknowledgment. Previously, and especially during this year, he has counselled individuals and groups and staff around devastating losses. The day of the week doesn’t matter as he has gone out on nights and weekends to counsel individuals grieving over the loss of someone they know or a matter important only to them. He routinely sends out messages of encouragement and kind and thoughtful words to his colleagues. He sends reminders cautioning all to take care of their mental and physical well-being with very specific “how-to tips”. Dr. May is one to shovel snow, if necessary, to ensure someone’s physical well-being. He can be observed daily, building trust and confidence among the people we serve by treating them as equals and frankly and honestly discussing issues that confront them while seeking their feedback to enhance his service to them. He has continually furthered his education and professional development, especially with NADD, while maintaining contacts throughout his professional domain and frequently introducing much needed services to the company. Dr. May is intelligent and respected and compassionate but also respectful and caring and a man of the highest integrity. On Christmas Eve, he and Rebecca Stressman (another amazing and devoted person who is a contracted Occupational Therapist to Merakey) rounded all of the homes and locations in the ICFs in full Santa and Elf dress, to deliver gifts. Dr. May is a champion of all people at Merakey. He performs his duties with grace and quality akin to the alphabet he has behind his name (Ed.D, BCBA, LPC, NADD-CC) but lives his life like “family” who can be relied upon come thick or thin. Michael has delivered all of these things and more even while facing personal challenges yet one would never know. He can and will be seen on New Year’s Eve hosting a zoom Dance and Ball Drop Party for the people we support and anybody who would like to tune in. It’s an honor to call Dr. Michael May my colleague, his contributions to Merakey are unparalleled and it’s a distinct pleasure for us all to interact with him. In my nearly 40 years in the field, I’ve not met another person like Michael May and consider myself blessed to know him. Thank you, Michael for all you do, thank you, Michael for being you.”