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Congratulations to Carol Johnson, member of the Merakey Board of Directors, for being named one of 2019’s Most Influential Corporate Board Directors by WomenInc. (see page 20). As a leading business magazine reporting on women’s success and achievement, this issue includes the most comprehensive list of women executives, influencers and achievers contributing their leadership skills, experience, and expertise to corporate boards. Carol and the other talented women in this special edition of WomenInc. are being recognized at an important moment in time when diversity and inclusion are not only celebrated, but are embedded into the culture of many organizations, including Merakey.

Since joining the Board of Directors in 2017, Carol has experienced Merakey’s focus on enhancing diversity and inclusion throughout everything we do. Whether it was visiting the Autism Center in Fort Worth, TX last fall, or participating in the Foundation’s Bowling Tournament, Carol has shared in Merakey’s embrace of inclusivity, a desire for a unified culture, and a commitment to an environment that is welcoming to all.

Merakey is incredibly proud of Carol’s accomplishments and honored to have her as part of the Merakey family.