Caiden, a participant at the Dearborn, MI Applied Behavior Analysis program, has been receiving services from Merakey for four years. During this time, Caiden has made significant progress in learning language and social skills. When Caiden first started coming to Merakey, he did not speak functionally and had little interest in others. Through the years, language development and social skills/taking perspectives of others were a large part of Caiden’s programming. Now, Caiden can have a conversation with someone with little to no prompting, and he continues to increase his ability to understand how others feel and see the world.

Upon learning that the Office Assistant Allison was going to be leaving Merakey for another opportunity, Caiden requested approval to throw a “goodbye party” for her. Without hesitation from program staff, Caiden received the green light and planned a “menu” and had staff and other participants sign a card that he personally designed. The day of “the event” (as he called it), Caiden surprised Allison with balloons, the card, and snacks. Allison was so thrilled to be recognized and with her special party planned by Caiden.

Everyone at the ABA program is so proud of how far Caiden has come, and they can’t wait to watch his continued progress.